Cloud Hosting in London.

Cloud Hosting London is brought to you by WESH UK, and If you want to get your own cloud hosting plan in London, then hosting it with WESH UK is going to be your most reliable option, as were are the UK’s premier provider of premium web hosting.

Our Cloud hosting platform has so far provided 100% uptime and 100% service that can be depended on, saving our cloud hosting customers a lot of time and money.

  • No sleep lost.
  • No money wasted.
  • No time spent repeatedly switching providers.
  • NO time spent explaining to your customers why your services are not working!

Imagine having a reseller hosting plan that could just keep on growing indefinitely with no physical server limits, or the freedom of a dedicated server without the restrictions of 1 single peice of hardware..

What is the Cloud?

Cloud hosting isn’t new and if you’ve been using a computer at home or the office, chances are that the Cloud already plays a part in some way. In simple terms, cloud hosting is about storing and accessing websites or web based applications over several load balanced servers instead of just 1 server.